Guide to buying the right particle counting systems

Hi folks! This is Sushant, a particle counting systems supplier. I love writing and reading blog articles, more often of those related to my area of concern, i.e. those related to particle characterization, particle counting, particle counting systems and allied topics. It is very obvious that when we go to buy a product, especially a machine, an instrumentation product, what we generally take into account is the price, quality, warranty, uninterrupted service. If you are an engineering expert or have experience in the instrumentation industry, you will consider more parameters.

There are hundreds of particle characterization technologies available in the market. I deal in particle counting systems manufactured by AIMIL Limited and also by other brands and during the 5-long supplying business, I have seem that AIMIL’s civil engineering products are demanded more. The reason maybe the hi-tech features incorporated and the affordable prices.

Well, my main concern here is to give you certain tips to be followed when you are buying particle counting systems. For getting the particle characterization or particle counting results, you should focus more on the performance aspect of the particle counting systems. The performance of a particle counting system depends on the following factors, and you should check on the same,

* Sensitivity so that the smallest particles can be detected
* Flowrate so that more data is collected in the specified sampling time
* Particle counter saturation
* Should comply to ISO or other standard certification.

So, be smart and get the right product!

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