Particle characterization

Defining relative amounts of particles present in fluids, powder, solids, etc. as per particle size, termed as particle characterization, is an important activity for varied industries starting from petroleum, chemicals to cosmetic industries. Even determining physical and chemical properties of rocks and soils for particle characterization is done with particle counting systems.

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The particle characterization measurement techniques vary from application to application. Whether it is sieve analysis or optical counting methods, or sedimentation techniques, or laser diffraction methods and a host of other processes, almost all particle counting systems are available with Aimil.

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Particle Sizing

Hi buddies….you must have come across the term ‘particle size distribution’ or ‘particle size analysis‘. I am a PhD candidate for a branch of physics, which also includes subjects on particle sizing. Though am conducting a survey for the same, collecting good material, I thought I should give a try over the Internet as well. Please, I request, if you know about particle size analysis or particle sizing or particle sizing system or anything related to the same, please share the information with me.

Let me tell you what I am able to gather during my survey. I visited many a manufacturing plant that manufactures particle sizing system of various types. I had a talk with the staff out there about the market demand of particle sizing system as well as the importance of particle size analysis. I am quite surprised to know that though they have a good production capacity they are not able to fulfill the market demand. That really bears testimony to the significance of particle sizing. I also approached a lab to know what the people out there do relate to particle size analysis.

Defining the relative amounts of particles present in fluid or solid materials that are sorted according to size is the method used to determine particle size analysis…this is what one lab person said. Properties of rocks and soils, particles in chemical reactions, particles in industrial products require to undergo particle size analysis. And they said that different ranges of particle sizing system are used for the process.