Particle characterization

Defining relative amounts of particles present in fluids, powder, solids, etc. as per particle size, termed as particle characterization, is an important activity for varied industries starting from petroleum, chemicals to cosmetic industries. Even determining physical and chemical properties of rocks and soils for particle characterization is done with particle counting systems.

Most of the particle counters like airborne particle counters, gas particle counters, liquid particle counters, particle monitoring software, etc. bearing the Particle Measuring Systems Inc. USA trademark are supplied by Aimil. This company has already carved a niche in the instrumentation market since the last seventy-five years for delivering high quality particle counting systems and other products related to particle characterization and instrumentation. Price is no factor if quality is good, and that is the business philosophy of Aimil.

The particle characterization measurement techniques vary from application to application. Whether it is sieve analysis or optical counting methods, or sedimentation techniques, or laser diffraction methods and a host of other processes, almost all particle counting systems are available with Aimil.

You must be wondering why I have so full of praises for this company. Don’t think that I am promoting it. I am only one of the many thousands or say lakhs of satisfied customers greatly contended using the particle counters supplied by this company. So, in case, you are engaged in the realm of particle characterization and if you are not satisfied with the particle counters supplied by other companies, just try Aimil….you won’t regret!

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