Particle Characterization will analyze the level of Impurity

We find lots of particles in the air, which cannot be seen with the help of naked eyes. To measure the particle shape, size and volume, the technique of particle characterization is carried out. Under this method, some particles are passed through the beam of laser light. After the light is being thrown, it gets freckled on a Fourier lens onto a detector array. At the completion of this, particle size distribution is gathered from the assembled data by using inversion algorithm method. The main aim of carrying this procedure is to analyze volumetrical size of the particle.

With the help of these particle counters and analyzers, the lab technicians are able to know the size of impurity and be able to apply the purifying method. There are numerous particle counting systems in the market that are applied to keep a check on the level on increasing impurity in the laboratories caused by gasses and sprays. Laser diffraction, spray particle size analyzer and, submicron particle size and zeta potential analyzer are the counting systems employed by numerous laboratories around the world. It is because the medical experts are quite concerned about the health of their patients and takes care that they should not get caught by any other problem due to impure gases.