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Hi buddies….you must have come across the term ‘particle size distribution’ or ‘particle size analysis‘. I am a PhD candidate for a branch of physics, which also includes subjects on particle sizing. Though am conducting a survey for the same, collecting good material, I thought I should give a try over the Internet as well. Please, I request, if you know about particle size analysis or particle sizing or particle sizing system or anything related to the same, please share the information with me.

Let me tell you what I am able to gather during my survey. I visited many a manufacturing plant that manufactures particle sizing system of various types. I had a talk with the staff out there about the market demand of particle sizing system as well as the importance of particle size analysis. I am quite surprised to know that though they have a good production capacity they are not able to fulfill the market demand. That really bears testimony to the significance of particle sizing. I also approached a lab to know what the people out there do relate to particle size analysis.

Defining the relative amounts of particles present in fluid or solid materials that are sorted according to size is the method used to determine particle size analysis…this is what one lab person said. Properties of rocks and soils, particles in chemical reactions, particles in industrial products require to undergo particle size analysis. And they said that different ranges of particle sizing system are used for the process.


Particle Sizing Determination

Hello guys, this is Sushant again,… a blogging freak more for articles related to particle characterization or what in scientific and practical terms called particle size distribution. Hope you don’t get bored of my writings…in fact most readers have found my articles interesting…this makes me continue my hobby of sharing and informing experiences and information related to particle sizing.

I often wondered the working principles in powder, granular material and fluid, especially the particles dispersed in varying sizes. Thanks to the Internet and information available. I came across many informative articles related to particle characterization or also called particle sizing. That is how I came across particle size analysis and the products related to this discipline like particle counters, particle counting systems, particle sizing system.

A series of mathematical functions forms the basis of particle sizing for particle size analysis and this analysis determines or examines the relative amounts of particles present in powder, granular material and fluid, sorted according to size. To examine the same, various instruments like particle counters, particle counting systems, particle sizing system, etc are used.

You must be curious why I am stressing on the subject particle characterization and its related products. I am myself engaged in this field, working in a laboratory that does particle size analysis for certain companies. The laboratory I work for that executes particle characterization projects sources the particle counting systems, particle sizing system, etc. from AIMIL Limited. I feel brands make the difference too to get precise monitoring results.

Guide to buying the right particle counting systems

Hi folks! This is Sushant, a particle counting systems supplier. I love writing and reading blog articles, more often of those related to my area of concern, i.e. those related to particle characterization, particle counting, particle counting systems and allied topics. It is very obvious that when we go to buy a product, especially a machine, an instrumentation product, what we generally take into account is the price, quality, warranty, uninterrupted service. If you are an engineering expert or have experience in the instrumentation industry, you will consider more parameters.

There are hundreds of particle characterization technologies available in the market. I deal in particle counting systems manufactured by AIMIL Limited and also by other brands and during the 5-long supplying business, I have seem that AIMIL’s civil engineering products are demanded more. The reason maybe the hi-tech features incorporated and the affordable prices.

Well, my main concern here is to give you certain tips to be followed when you are buying particle counting systems. For getting the particle characterization or particle counting results, you should focus more on the performance aspect of the particle counting systems. The performance of a particle counting system depends on the following factors, and you should check on the same,

* Sensitivity so that the smallest particles can be detected
* Flowrate so that more data is collected in the specified sampling time
* Particle counter saturation
* Should comply to ISO or other standard certification.

So, be smart and get the right product!

AIMIL — The single window provider of particle counting/sizing systems

The chemical industry in particular and other industries in general depends a lot on a range of instruments meant to determine the quality levels and exact specifications of chemical powders before they are deemed fit for market delivery. Various laboratory techniques are involved to determine the size in a powder sample. And it is the particle sizing instruments that play the key role in assessing the various factors for the final output, viz. particle counting, particle characterization, particle size analysis and more.

The correct particle counting and particle size analysis can be adjudged by utilizing the perfect particle sizing instruments and particle counting systems, especially those manufactured by the stalwart names in the industry. Brands do matter as the user can differentiate one similar instrument from other with the brand popularity as well as expertise. A market presence also adds to the image of a reliable brand. There is one brand that many a chemical manufacturer or laboratory specialist can trust. The brand is AIMIL, a name synonymous to quality since several decades.

AIMIL or Associated Instruments Manufacturers India Limited is a world leader in providing the complete range of particle counting and particle size analysis instruments and systems for the chemical and allied industries. The company has etched a valuable niche across the country and in various overseas regions for delivering high quality products and services to the instrumentation industry. The noted manufacturer, exporter and supplier deals in a wide range of instrumentation equipments like particle sizing instruments, particle counting instruments, particle characterization instruments, particle counting systems, particle size analysis instruments and more. All these products, assuring fast return on investment, are incorporated with the latest and most advanced features, few of which are enumerated below:
* High performance level
* Durable and long lasting
* Low maintenance
* Energy-efficient
* Latest technology application
* Best design aesthetics
* Modular designs
* Accurately machined to perfection
* Sturdy construction and are corrosion and rust resistant.

Usually, various methods are followed methods to determine the particle size in chemical powders, and all methods involved hardly give identical results. Very often, the size of a powder particle depends on the method used for its measurement. The method relevant method followed as well as the right instrument used play the dominant role for the determination of the particle size. Whether it is sieving, sedimentation, elutriation, microscope counting or more, AIMIL’s range of particle sizing/analysis instruments give accurate results of the end product.

AIMIL is an ISO:9001-2000 certified company, having a robust market presence since its establishment in the year 1932. With branches spread across 28 states and 7 union territories, the enterprising enterprise has 50 channel partners.

AIMIL is a pioneer in manufacturing its complete series of particle sizing and particle counting instruments. The technology giant functions with a composite network of brain, process and technology. Its product portfolio also includes hundreds of other measuring instruments for use in various industries. Committed to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction, AIMIL has left no stone unturned to achieve the the highest levels of quality standards. Prompt delivery schedules irrespective of the location, which is supplemented by its vast dealer cum distributor network is the strength of the company. AIMIL strictly adheres to its TQM (total quality management) approach and competitive price policy.

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